The passion of the Mafrolla family for olive growing has roots as deep as the centuries-old olive groves of their land.

Since 1700 the Mafrolla family produced olive oil in their oil mills in Vieste, on the Gargano, where olive cultivation enjoys particularly favorable climatic and environmental conditions.

The family tradition, through the passage of generation, has come to the present day, enriching itself with new technical knowledge of cultivation and processing of olives and keeping intact the dedication and passion of all time.

Our oil comes from “Ogliarola Garganica” olives, harvested by hand at the right level of ripeness when they have the maximum aroma and minimum acidity.


The “Oro di Puglia” farmhouse and oil mill is located on the Gargano promontory, also called the Montagna del Sole.

I quaderni dell’olio

The Oil Notebooks, a way to increase knowledge on this vital ingredient in our daily diet, used by man for thousands of years and still the same over time.

Le ricette dell’agriturismo Mafrolla


Welcome to the recipe book of the Mafrolla farm holidays.

Oro di Puglia

Il nostro olio del Gargano

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